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Power of God

“He sat down in the ashes” after his whole life had crashed. — Job 2:8

The ocean is an amazing place to be. The power and majesty it holds demands respect. I was privileged enough to spend a week at the beach, resting in God’s creation. As the week passed on, the ocean grew more and more angry as a tropical depression moved in.

On the last day I was there, I sat just observing and listening to the sounds of the great waves beating the shoreline. In the midst of the crashes, I could almost hear the roar of God making His presence known. I’m certain, if given the chance, I could have sat there all night listening to Him.

While sitting there, I noticed a little sandcastle a small child had built earlier. He was so very proud. I remember him chattering to his family to “look!!” But now the huge swells were crashing down on the little castle, washing it away in a single moment. I couldn’t help but think of Job 2:8. Satan wouldn’t let up on Job, convinced he could get Job to sin against God. As Job’s whole life seemed to crash around him, leaving him sitting in the ashes, he still praised God. “Should we accept only good from God and not adversity?” (Job 2:10)

How often does life treat us like the waves crashing on that little sandcastle? If you’re like me, you have experienced a few moments sitting in the ashes while your whole world seemed to crash around you. But unlike the sandcastle, if you have surrendered your entire life to Jesus Christ, you will ultimately rise above those waves. Only through Jesus. Only through His strength. Only Jesus.

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