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Baby Naomi

Ninety-nine percent of the time, when I write, it’s about my story or experiences. But today, I get the privilege of being the voice for someone else. It’s exciting because I know God set all of this in motion and He chose me to play a very small role.

This is the story of Naomi.

Naomi was born in Tarime, Tanzania December 2, 2020. Tarime is a small village in northwestern Tanzania near the Tanzania-Kenyan border. While you might look at this perfect little face and think she’s healthy and happy, Naomi’s young life almost wasn’t.

Naomi’s mother, Bhoke, was only 3 years old when she came to Angel House. Angel House is for orphaned and abandoned children. Bhoke and her sister Nossi were found by police eating from a trash pile, abandoned by their mother. The police brought the two young children to Angel House in hopes of providing them a safe place to grow and live since their mother was also homeless and suffered from mental illness, preventing her from providing a stable upbringing for her children.

For several years, Bhoke did very well at Angel House. She did well in school and had friends. Unfortunately, in 2019 Bhoke’s sense of safety and trust was shattered when a teacher began to make unwelcome sexual advances toward her. It was frightening for Bhoke to have this person of authority sexually harass her. She found herself scared, confused, and alone. This sexual harassment continued, causing Bhoke to seek safety and acceptance in the arms of a male student.

Bhoke became pregnant at 17 years old. The pregnancy only increased her feelings of fear and isolation. To add to her desperation, Angel House rules stated she was no longer allowed to stay there due to the pregnancy.

Bhoke now had no home. No family. And no support. Thinking she had no alternative, Bhoke decided her best course of action was to get an abortion. But God had other plans…

Anna Migara was instrumental in starting Angel House and continues to serve the orphaned and abandoned children who live there. Anna knew Bhoke’s story all too well. Concerned for her wellbeing, Anna brought Bhoke to live with her.

Even though Bhoke now had a roof over her head, she still felt abortion was the best choice. She attempted an abortion twice. BOTH times, the abortion failed and baby Naomi survived! That should stop you in your tracks, my friend. Two times, satan tried to prevail and God’s protection was triumphant. Twice!

Baby Naomi entered this world with a whole lot stacked against her. But God was obviously protecting her. I think it’s because God has big plans for this baby girl.

Bhoke and Naomi currently live with Anna. However, Bhoke will return to Angel House in October to complete her schooling. That means that Naomi will be left with Anna to raise. That’s not easy, considering Anna has other mouths to feed. It’s a true sacrifice to take on the full-time care of an infant. Anna works full-time, ministers to people, and has just finished college. She is very busy but also very obedient to God. And God has told her that she is the one to take care of Naomi.

As Anna and I were talking recently, I asked her to describe Naomi. This is what she said, “She is so sweet. She’s hard to get to smile but laughs when her stomach is full.”

Do you ever remember a time when you said something like that? Of course not! Because for us, our stomachs are always full. Our little ones have what they need and we don’t typically have to wonder how we are going to feed our children. “She laughs when her stomach is full.”

Naomi needs your help, my friend. Anna simply cannot do this on her own. Like me, Anna believes it takes a village to raise a child. We are her village! Naomi survived a death sentence twice. She is going to change the world in the name of Jesus Christ and you get to be a part of her life.

Right now, her needs are simple but important. She needs proper food, diapers, and clothes. She has no toys but Anna does what she can to entertain her. She is recovering from malaria so medicine and proper medical care is also needed. $185 a month is an approximate amount which will help Naomi have the best care. To help, go to

If you feel led by God to invest your prayers and/or finances into Naomi’s care, Anna, Bhoke, and Naomi will be forever grateful. Please I have known Anna for four years. Her story is powerful and it changed my life. As strong as she is, she can’t do it alone. Please join me in changing the world through one child at a time.

“You will make her feel the love of God and the kingdom of God here on earth.”— Anna Migera

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