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Am I Important, God?


Scripture -Psalms 144:3 (New English Translation)

“O Lord, of what importance is the human race, that you should notice them? Of what importance is mankind, that you should be concerned about them?”

Observation – David is asking the Lord the question that most of us probably have wondered from time to time – why would God be interested in us? The two questions within this verse may sound simple but they are the essence of so much of our faith.

Application – Have you ever stood at the edge of the ocean or on top of a mountain? Have you ever just watched the sun set and listened to the sounds of nature? Any of these moments can be so awe-inspiring that a simple human thought would be to ask why we would be important to a God who can do all these things – create all of these creations. Of course there are also the moments when we seem so insignificant to God because we choose to be distant and small. Instead of looking at these moments and these creations as so big we can’t wrap our minds around our significance, we should seize the moment to thank God for making such creations for each of us. But more than any of that, we must remember the one thing that God did. It’s the one thing that sealed his love for us for eternity. It’s the thing that shows each human being why we are important to God. He sacrificed His son for me. For you. If that doesn’t answer the question, nothing will!

Prayer – Lord, thank you for the beauty you have created here on Earth. Please forgive me for not taking the time to notice each moment for what it is – the beauty of your creations. I am sorry for not believing my significance to you. You have continued to show your love for me from the moment I was born. Thank you for never leaving me. Amen

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