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Remove the Mask


Scripture – Jeremiah 17:10 (The Message)

“But I, GOD, search the heart and examine the mind.I get to the heart of the human.I get to the root of things.I treat them as they really are, not as they pretend to be.”

Observation – God sees through the mask we often present to the earthly world. He knows the depths of our hearts and what we are really feeling and thinking. He isn’t fooled by our attempts to cover and masquerade.

Application – I have often said that I wore a mask for many years. I remember tearing off that mask and the feeling of vulnerability was almost suffocating at first. Yet, it didn’t have to be. God already knew what I was hiding. He loved me in spite of my attempts to conceal the core of my being. Looking at it now, it’s a very freeing thing — to know that my friend, my father, my lord — knows me better then anyone and still loves me completely and unconditionally. If He, who is without sin, can love this sinner, then why do I worry about the approval and opinions of others so much?

Prayer – Lord, thank you for seeing beyond the mask. You have always been there, even when I tried to hide from you. You have waited patiently for me and wooed me until I finally came to your arms. Please forgive my resistance to be my authentic self. Amen

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