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Scripture – Jeremiah 15:21 (The Message)

“I’ll deliver you from the grip of the wicked. I’ll get you out of the clutch of the ruthless.”

Observation – God is all-powerful but He is also all-loving. In the verses leading up to this one, God was showing His anger to Jeremiah. But then His love showed up. He wants nothing more then for His people to love Him and worship Him.

Application – I believe there are times that we, as humans, feel we have gone too far into our sins to recover. I know that I have thought that in the past. I can remember times thinking, “there’s simply no way God can ever forgive me for this.” But that was just the Evil One trying to win out. God forgives all who truly seek forgiveness. There are not degrees of sins. One sin isn’t worse then another. They are all equally wicked. And, as He said, He will “deliver you from the grip of the wicked.” The thing we must remember is that we have to ask Him to deliver us. He is always there waiting. We just get too prideful to ask for His help. I am amazed by the length He will go to love me when I ask Him too. I have seen so many people delivered from ruthless behavior. I know it was because the Lord intervened in their lives when they surrendered to His will. It’s when we lack faith that He can help us that we find ourselves hopeless.

Prayer – Lord, thank you for ever constant love. I know I have disappointed you in my life many times, and yet, like any good father, you are always there. You are always ready to lift me up and kiss the hurt away. I praise you, Lord, for the forgiveness you constantly show me. Please continue to lead me down the right path and always convict my heart when I stray. Amen

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