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At this time, we are not offering group therapy appointments. Please contact us if you have a group request.

Group therapy is essential to a complete therapeutic experience when dealing with some of life's challenges and pain. Our greatest freedom comes when we no longer carry the secrets that burden our souls. Scripture tells us time and again that we must share with one another and lift one another up. 

Group therapy can sound scary but once you have experienced it, you will find that it is something you look forward to each week. 


  • It is confidential. Everyone in group understands the importance of confidentiality. What you say here, stays here.

  • You do not have to share. At no point will you be forced to share anything you are not comfortable with. However, it is important to remember that you only get out of group what you put into group. 

  • No cross talking. When someone has the floor, everyone else is expected to listen with an open heart. 

  • Each session will start with prayer and end with prayer. 

  • Respect is mandatory. Just as each person wants to be respected, we must also give others respect. You may not always think alike but you can love alike -- Rev. John Wesley

Register today! 

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