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The first step is hard but you'll never have to take it alone.  

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Our Approach

First Step Counseling opened in 2011, offering clients a place of safety, hope, and healing. 

Choosing to invite a counselor into your life is not an easy decision but it is one that can have profound benefits, both short and longterm. You are making that choice today. 

At First Step Counseling, we will help you identify how best to navigate the waters that threaten to drown you.


You are invited to explore our services and see what best fits your needs. Remember, counseling is not a one-size-fits-all approach. There are many different avenues to reach your healthy goal and First Step is committed to finding the right tools for you. 

Our Services & Programs

Every person is unique and the circumstances bringing them to counseling are equally unique. While we do use very common therapeutic tools, each program is developed specifically for you!

Group Therapy

Life is meant to be lived in community. Share groups give participants the opportunity to navigate struggles and celebrations with like-minded people. 

Individual Therapy

Talk therapy based on your specific needs. You are heard. You are understood. 


Trauma should not define you. Through personalized treatment, you can learn to live life rather than relive trauma. 

Sand Tray Therapy

Sand tray therapy is a combination of play therapy and art therapy. Clients will create a world that represents their internal struggles or conflicts

Image by Robina Weermeijer
Rock in Sand


Mental health is as important as your physical health. Because we believe in providing help to as many people as possible, we do not accept insurance. We offer a self-pay service that enables each individual to choose for themselves to receive the treatment they need instead of an insurance company. Some insurance providers do allow you to self-file claims with possible reimbursement.

First Step Counseling believes everyone should have access to mental health treatment and we will work with you if cost is prohibited by using a sliding scale fee.  

Success Stories

Just a few comments from actual clients past and present.

"Janean has taught me how to live my life without letting trauma rule my life anymore."

I'm so thankful Janean is in my life. I was a mess but now I see that I'm God's mess and He loves me."

"I gave Janean that particular bowl because it was broken and I was able to put it back together and unless you look carefully you can’t tell it was broken. You do that for broken people, you counsel them and put them back together."

Reach Out

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